The Sketch That Was

The Sketch That Was

Here is the small drawing that is sitting below my painting in the previous post. I ended up painting over a “problem area” here too!!!! I really need to give my work some space before I make rash decisions. I get so impatient and just want to totally wipe out whats bugging me. Paint over it and pretend like it was never there instead of addressing the work at hand. I try to change the nature of the work entirely, like I cannot accept the personality of the work before me. I am going to make a conscious effort to NOT paint over large areas here on out. I have a ton of process photos of work before I drastically altered them that I would like to share anyway. I want to have them all in one place so I can learn from them.

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I totally painted over this painting and it looks nothing like this anymore… and if you notice the small drawing on the floor - I like to work on smaller scale drawings while I work on a painting because:

  1. If I am struggling with a painting, a smaller scale piece makes me feel like I have more “control.”

  2. Mixed media works on paper seem to come along faster for me

  3. I tend to let loose with these smaller works on paper and experiment more

  4. They give me the courage to work on my painting again - you know baby steps.